Anita’s Ancestry is continually proven to be an industry leader for high quality/guaranteed product/service in the following ways:

1.Anita has been a genealogist ever since she was 22 years old. That is over 40 years of experience.

2. She has taught everything from Beginning Genealogy to Experienced Researching

3. Anita understands that your DNA results are only the start to discovering your origins.

4. She has successfully researched all over the world and has gotten as far back as 900 A.D. in some instances.

5. She has the passion; she knows the value of knowing your heritage and has proven time and time again the importance of having a solid understanding of what your ancestors went through that made it possible for you to be here today.

6. She has a solid background in computer programs and technology.

Family Tree

Execution Strategy

Anita’s execution strategy incorporates her proven methodologies. Anita is extremely qualified and has a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. Anita will set up a Family Tree and enter all the family information into it. You will then be able to look up information, you will be able to keep it updated as the family grows. It is a program ran by the Mormon’s out in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have the largest depository of genealogy records in the world. Their goal is to have everything available online for anyone to look at and be able to print out any reports they want. This is a priceless additional service that Anita has provided for her cliental for over 10 years.


1. Project start date will be when I receive the $000.00 down payment and start receiving the forms of information needed to provide me with information about the family that is needed to get started.

2. I will immediately start a Family Tree on the computer and start entering the information we already know.

3. I expect this to take me a couple weeks, working in the available time slots I have reserved.

4. At that point I will start my research for the information needed to fulfill our objective. This can only be an estimate of time relying on the availability of the records in that era and at the locations we will be searching.

5. I will work diligently to dig out any and all possible information. I will usually need to schedule a couple of phone calls for any questions I might have as my work progresses. My estimate is this may take me approximately 6 to 7 weeks.

Here’s How it Works

We form a Partnership

No one knows your family better than you. Our partnership begins with you telling us what you know, and what you want to discover by having an in-depth consultation to discover what your goals are. Whether you are just interested in learning a little more about your family, and only want to go back 3 to 5 generations. Or your goal might be to find out everything you can.

Expected Outcome and Setting Proper Goals

The ability to discover family information depends on a variety of factors.
• The time period being researched.
• The area where your ancestors lived.
• The availability of records and documents for that time and location.
• The number of family lines being researched.
• The amount of information you already know.

The Genealogy Research

When you hire me to research your family, you will receive my highest quality, service and attention to your goals. Your research time is devoted to learning as much about your ancestors as possible by accessing a variety of records, genealogy research websites and other archived resources. We will stay in very close contact so I can be sure I am working with all the right information.

Overcoming “brick walls”

Overcoming brick wall may take time. No two research problems are the same. It takes a lot of time and effort. There may not be the results you expected behind that brick wall or the just may not be enough records to solve the problem at all. If I run into any of these scenario’s, my proven methodologies will prevail, and I will work as hard as I possibly can to come to a reasonable conclusion of the issue.

The Finished Product

You will receive a comprehensive Family Tree Notebook. Full of all your pedigree charts, copies of the records as they appear in the record books if available, all the individual persons family group sheets organized by the names of the family tree branch and as much information as possible that we have found on your ancestors. In addition to that I will set up an accessible computer Family Tree, where you can not only see and print any part of your information but be able to add to it to keep your family information updated as your family grows.

Client Information 

I look forward to working with you and supporting all efforts to complete your objective and goals. I am confident that I can meet the challenges ahead and stand by ready to partner with you in delivering those objectives and goals.

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