About Anita K Brooks

I started genealogy at the unusually young age of 20 years old. When engaged to my first husband, he had a really odd name. When I asked him about his name, he didn’t know anything about it at all. I said if I was going to live with that name, I had to know something about it!

I didn’t have any idea how I was going to find anything out about it. Then a woman I worked with took me to my first “Genealogical Society Meeting”, and I was hooked. And that was long before computers. 

I not only found out about the name, but I also traced back to the French Revolution of 1789-1799. That weird name, was Mabie.

Anita enjoys bringing out her creative side working on special projects in Genealogy or editing her family’s photos. She can work endlessly on her computer. She gets the most enjoyment out of doing things to please other people, but her family comes first. Her roots are very deep into nostalgia, as she keeps her parents and grandparents alive in the hearts of all her cousins, aunts, and uncles and their descendants. She is the family historian an always has a story to share.

Anita is eternally young at heart and continues to keep going no matter what. Her attention to detail along with her initiative has taken her far in Anita’s Ancestry Service, being an industry leader for high quality and guaranteed service.

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“Anita Brooks has a passion for locating your family ancestry. Anita is a member of my family tree, and she really does a great job. If you would like to contact her to do your family tree, see her contact information below."

Joan Xxxxxx Nov 29, 2020

"You will never know who you are, until you know what your past is. Anita is amazing and can research hundreds of years back.

Renee Xxxxxxx Nov. 26, 2020

"Hi Anita, Great job due to all the names I didn't know existed within our family. Shows how narrow minded I am to think we were the only VILLARREAL. Very interesting. Great job."

Jesse Xxxxxx July 6, 2020